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Listen to Ted every Saturday morning, 11:30, as host of Reverse Mortgage Radio, heard over the airwaves in the greater Los Angeles area on AM590, The Answer, home of noted hosts such as Dennis Prager, Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, Sebastian Gorka and more. Or stream live anywhere in the world by going to . My goal, to not only share with you the facts about an amazing program, the Modern Reverse Mortgage, designed to provide older homeowners with greater independence, self sufficiency, self reliance… being a responsible American by taking care of yourself, in order to not only manage your own affairs on your own terms, but being better able to be of help to those around you, family, church, charities…  No spin, no fake news, no misinformation – just the facts. And, I will bring to light just how powerful and flexible a financial planning tool this program can be as a way to allow you to stay in your home own home, to using it to purchase a new home, creating investment income in retirement, enhancing legacy or even beginning your gifting today… and please, before you decide to use a conventional refinance, let us allow you to compare that option to using the Modern Reverse Mortgage as an alternative, where you make a payment that you choose, and when. Looking forward to seeing you on the radio!



Stimulating Truth… frank, honest and sincere… So blessed to have Bill Handel as an endorser for not only myself personally but more importantly for the Modern Reverse Mortgage. Please tune in weekdays from 6:00am to 10:00am to the Bill Handel Show on KFI AM 640. And don’t miss Handel on the Law, Saturdays from 6:00am to 11:00am on KFI AM 640.

 Another great champion of truth that I recommend for your listening education is Aging Options, hosted by noted Elder Law Attorney, Rajiv Nagiach. Life planning and everything connected to should be a comfortable part of all of us understanding not only the agin process but making sure that we take care of our loved ones by taking care of ourselves. Saturdays on KIRO FM 93 and KTTH AM 770 from 10:00am to 11:00am.

 And, for those who remember my own radio show, Affordable Aging, we have included some links to segments that are timeless in understanding that we have the resources and the ability, as long as we have the education and understanding to not only survive retirement, but to thrive in retirement.