The Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) for Purchase allows home buyers, at least 62 years of age or older,  to purchase a home through a Lifestyle Home Loan. This can be a valuable option for seniors who need a new home that better meets their physical needs, or who wish to move closer to family members, or to simply move into their dream home in retirement! And because this is a Lifestyle Home Loan no monthly mortgage payments are  required - but remember - you retain title to your home and full rights and responsibilities of home ownership - you remain responsible for the payment of property tax, insurance and any HAO fees.

Your down payment amount will be determined by the age of the youngest home buyer, the purchase price of the home (or the FHA Max Claim Amount) and the Expected Rate - the Reverse Mortgage does not use your income, credit score or LTV to determine your loan amount, or even your interest rate!

Why consider the use of a Lifestyle Home Loan? First and foremost the freedom of no monthly mortgage payments (you remain responsible for the payment of property tax, insurance and any HAO fees). Keep more of the proceeds from the sale of your current home... money that can be better used perhaps for upgrades, new furniture, moving expenses, or to simply improve your financial position and help you not only survive retirement, but thrive in retirement! And, with the use of the Lifestyle Home Loan you can dramatically increase your projected purchase price!

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